We make it easier to be a participant.

Happier participants.
Better trials.

Our technology platform Mural Link makes the trial easy for participants by providing a seamless experience for their payment and logistics needs. Mural Link makes it easy for participants to get reimbursed, get to the site, and stay connected with site staff. Learn more:
What does Mural Link help you do?

Give Participants What they Need


Maintain participant satisfaction and motivation with flexible, digital reimbursement and stipend payments. No cards. No fees. No hassles. Total flexibility!


Eliminate financial barriers to participation by offering centralized travel solutions that eliminate financial burden.

Broaden Your Understanding

Participant Analytics

Give participants a voice. Give them the ability to provide feedback so you can understand their experience and proactively reduce drop-outs.


Give participants a secure way to stay connected to the site with dynamic two-way communication via the Mural Link application.

Stand Out from the Rest

API Integration

Use our API to integrate our functionality into a DCT model or with an eCOA solution to drive protocol compliance.

Faster Set up time

Reduce set up time and study start-up compared to debit card solutions by eliminating inventory production and management.
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See the Mural Link platform live, and learn how we can help you improve your clinical trial outcomes

What people are saying

Mural Link is a truly innovative solution that is going to redefine a product category. A product designed with the participant first is exactly what is needed in the current environment.

Find out the impact that improving the participant experience will have on your trial.

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