Make participating in your clinical trial easier than ever.

Mural Link is the clinical research industry’s first participant management platform, designed to meet the needs of modern-day participants, help them enroll and remain in a trial, and reduce the administrative burden for sites.

Financial Management
& Reimbursements
Travel & Concierge
Feedback &

Clinical trials are challenging

Drop-out rates are high

15% to 40% of enrolled participants drop out of trials.

Recruitment is time consuming

91% of sites say they do not have adequate staff to perform recruitment activities.

Data integrity is low

85% of trials fail to retain enough patients to confirm medical efficacy.

Resources are lost

$600K - $8M is the cost of each day a drug is delayed getting to market.

The success of clinical trials depends on patient participation.

But patients and caregivers need reliable support first.

Being part of a trial is often nuanced and time-consuming. Archaic travel, antiquated payment processes and card fees are not only frustrating, but can also chip away at the reimbursement funds participants are owed.

This isn’t what you want for your participants, but you haven’t had a better choice. If we have the technology to make things better, we should. So we are.

Mural Link makes participation easy

In one platform, participants can:

Get paid however they want (with no hidden fees, ever).

Participants choose from a growing list of payment options, including PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, direct-to-account, and the industry's first and only fee-free prepaid card.

+ more

Travel with no out-of-pocket expense.

Participants can book their own transport via ride-share services right in the app, removing the need for cumbersome staff coordination and reimbursement.

Communicate and provide feedback easily.

With push notifications, in-app chat, and calendar syncing, participants always know what’s coming up next, how to prepare, and where to turn for help.

Share insights about their participant experience.

Participants have a voice to provide feedback and help us identify outlier experiences to proactively engage & remediate.

What this means for you:

Exceptional engagement

Boost compliance and retention with easier participant reimbursements, on-demand transportation, and seamless communication.

Streamlined operations

Improve efficiency by eliminating physical card inventories, receipts, ride coordination, and 1099s.

Real-time data

Make informed decisions with access to a real-time analytics dashboard, where you can view satisfaction across all sites at all times and course correct when you need to.

Better results

Happier patients + greater efficiency = stronger results and solutions that get to market faster.

What our customers are saying

“Mural Link is a truly innovative solution that is going to redefine a product category. A product designed with the participant first is exactly what is needed in the current environment.”

- VP Clinical Ops, Sponsor

“What you have built here is Light Years ahead [of other platforms]. This is amazing. For the site and the patient.”

- Clinical Affairs Executive

“I wanted to tell you how user-friendly your user experience is on the admin side. I am in and out of platforms and logins all day and I really have had a great experience in yours.”

- Site Coordinator

Mural Link is the industry’s first patient management platform that makes trials easier for participants & more successful for stakeholders.

Disrupting the industry standard

Modern user-friendly platform
Participants choose how they receive payment
The caregiver is a core user of the platform
No fees to participants (ever!)
The industry's first fee-free debit card
Ownership of tax reporting
Payor responsibility
In-house user support
In-country data storage

Built by industry leaders with a renewed vision

In 2008, the founder of Mural Health invented the industry’s first participant payment technology, the ClinCard. Since then, technologies have evolved and the world has changed how it operates, but clinical trial technology has not adapted. To address this disparity, we built a new, integrated platform with expanded functionality to meet the needs of modern-day participants.

Our team members have led:

4,000+ Trials

75+ Countries

4M+ Participants

20M+ Payments

Go-live with Mural Link in three easy steps

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