Mar 28, 2023

Creating a Next-Generation Participant Payments Solution to Drive Engagement and Retention

When myself, Jason Dong and Shawn Milochik founded Mural Health our goal was to create a next-generation clinical trial participant payments solution.
Portrait Project
Nov 1, 2023

Mural Health letter to Congress

Increasing diversity within clinical trials by providing an income exclusion on all payments made to clinical trial participants.
Portrait Project
Oct 31, 2023

“We need to approach anorexia with more humility"

It is critical to distinguish the girl from the voice of anorexia. Remember, the girl that you love and the anorectic brain are two different entities. She is not that monster in her head; she is captured and tormented by that monster.
Portrait Project
Oct 18, 2023

“There’s a southern saying, ‘Don’t borrow worry.’ But it’s all still very sobering.”

“I think it's sometimes harder for the caregiver than the person in treatment. My husband loves me so much, but he can’t fix this. So he has this helpless kind of feeling."
Portrait Project
Oct 11, 2023

Part II: "DIPG is not a rare disease. It's a neglected disease."

I spent nearly 30 years as a professor and scientist in infectious and vector borne diseases. I know how to run clinical trials, as I participated in my own human studies during my years in academia.
Portrait Project
Oct 10, 2023

Part I: "She never lost her smile"

Confronting a terminal diagnosis for your child likely is the most difficult challenge anyone will ever face. In the case of DIPG, for which there is no effective treatment and radiotherapy provides transient improvement of symptoms, clinical trials are the best option. Search for the availability and the eligibility requirements for trials specific to the disease.
Portrait Project
Sep 26, 2023

“You have two choices: be in the ground, or live as much of this life as you can”

“Humbling is a good word to describe all of this. When I first started chemo, my middle son was graduating from high school. ... My plan was to go to his graduation. But that day, I was really out of it. My wife said, are you ready to go?"
Portrait Project
Jun 8, 2023

"I was given three years to live. 28 years later, I’m still here."

"I was commissioned into the Army when I graduated from college. My plan was to do 20 years, retire at 42, get another job, and then eventually retire from that one. But none of that materialized."
Portrait Project
May 12, 2023

"I was doing it all: Mom, wife, caregiver, employee. I was running on empty."

"It was a good four to six months of testing. Our second was just born when Harley’s left leg started to delay, which was almost a year to-date after two traumatic accidents the same week."
Portrait Project
May 3, 2023

"We’ve been told several times there's no roadmap for where we're going..."

"We’ve been told several times there's no roadmap for where we're going. Brady is only the 65th documented case in the world thus far with this particular mutation." 
Portrait Project
Apr 26, 2023

"Physically I feel good, but mentally, I’m like, what is my purpose?"

"Sometimes you need adversity to gain perspective. My therapist helps me remember that during these different seasons of my life, my purpose can change."
Portrait Project
Apr 18, 2023

Clinical Trial Technology: A World of Opportunity for Entrepreneurs with the Right Mindset

By 2027, the clinical trials software market will be worth an estimated $2.1 billion,{1} making it one of the world’s fastest growing technology sectors
Portrait Project
Apr 7, 2023

Next-level Clinical Trial Technology Can Avoid Dropouts and Accelerate Drug Development

Despite the recent shift to hybrid and decentralised clinical trials (DCT), low enrolment, poor retention, and outdated processes are still holding research back. But it’s not the technology that’s the problem – it is the way we are using it.
Portrait Project
Mar 27, 2023

"We’re told to listen to our doctors, but sometimes we need to have the doctors listen to us."

"Sometimes all you need is somebody just to be there or to make sure you are heard. My best friend came with me to every appointment. It can be hard to pay attention during appointments, especially when you’re not feeling well."
Portrait Project
Mar 23, 2023

"If I could make the experience less scary for someone, I was willing to be the cancer girl."

"If you’re fortunate enough to survive, what you say has more weight to it. If I could make the experience less scary for someone, I was willing to be the cancer girl."
Portrait Project
Feb 1, 2023

2022 in review: Senior exexs weigh in on challenges for the life sciences sector

As the year draws to a close, Outsourcing-Pharma caught up with some senior executives for a three-part series looking back on an eventful 2022, and look ahead to 2023.
Portrait Project
Feb 1, 2023

Two Key Questions About Clinical Trials in 2023

PM360 asked experts in clinical trials about the evolution of decentralized research and what areas the industry should work the hardest to improve in 2023.
Portrait Project
Jan 20, 2023

Revolutionizing Payment Products is Vital for Increasing Clinical Trial Participant Satisfaction and Diversity

Patient-centricity has become a buzzword in clinical trials, but many practical barriers still limit diversity and reduce participant satisfaction.
Portrait Project
Dec 27, 2022

Identifying Patient Needs

Mural Health Technologies, Inc., a new global provider of clinical trials technology, announced the launch of its new participant-facing technology platform, Mural Link at the CNS Summit in November.
Portrait Project
Nov 12, 2022

Mural Health Launches Next-Generation Participant Payment & Engagement Platform

Today, I am announcing the launch of my new tech company, Mural Health and the product platform that we have built, Mural Link.

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