About Us

We’re on a mission to make it easier to be a participant or caregiver in a clinical trial

Mural Health is powered by industry leaders with a renewed vision to create the first patient-first participant management platform that leads with empathy in all features and capabilities.

Our Core Belief

Patient stories paint the bigger picture

Clinical trials are designed to collect, organize and analyze participant data, in a way that is as efficient as possible.  The aggregation of diverse human experience, across the world, is the underlying source of the data sets that drives progress in clinical R&D.

But a clinical trial cannot run successfully if we don't take special care of the patients (and their caregivers) that make the data collection possible.

Being a participant in a clinical trial is not easy. Financial barriers and transportation challenges are just a few reasons, among others, that leave patients marginalized and feeling disconnected from the trial. These types of issues don't only hurt participants, but often result in higher dropout rates and, consequently, impact the quality of data and ability to complete a trial.

We at Mural Health are on a mission to make it easier for patients and caregivers to participate in trials, relieving them from current trial challenges so that they can stay in a study from screening until study completion, regardless of their personal circumstances.

Our history

The first clinical trial payment tech is created
Mural Health founders invent the first clinical trial payment technology, and continued to scale the organization, until its acquisition in 2016.
Mural Health is born
Mural Health founders realize the market product development is stagnant, and no longer meets user needs. Together with other industry top talent, they set out to build the next-generation of clinical trial participant management to eliminate barriers to participation. Using ~15 years of industry experience supporting millions of global trial participants and payments, Mural Health comes to life.
Mural Link is launched
After launching its initial payment infrastructure offering, 
Mural Health expands its platform, Mural Link. The expanded platform includes more control over payments, integrated travel, simplified communication between participants and sites, and insights on patient experience and satisfaction.
Patient advocacy initiatives are launched
Mural Health launches two initiatives core to its patient-first mission: 
The Portrait Project, where we share the stories of patients, and the Harley Jacobsen Tax Bill, which aims to remove taxation of trial payments.
Company grows & expands
Mural Health now partners with 4 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies, 3 of the top ten CROs, multiple site networks, and various other sponsors and sites, to implement Mural Link across their studies.

Built by industry leaders with a renewed vision

In 2008, the founder of Mural Health invented the industry’s first participant payment technology, the ClinCard. Since then, technologies have evolved and the world has changed how it operates, but clinical trial technology has not adapted. To address this disparity, we built a new, integrated platform with expanded functionality to meet the needs of modern-day participants.

Our team members have led:

4,000+ Trials

75+ Countries

4M+ Participants

20M+ Payments

Mural Health is on a mission to make participating in your clinical trial easier than ever.

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