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Mural Link

What can Mural Health do for your team?

Mural Link is a participant management platform that helps you to manage the trial experience for patients and caregivers. We help you drive retention, compliance, and data quality.
Mural Link Features

Insightful Analytics

Participants provide feedback about their experience directly into the Mural Link mobile application. We measure satisfaction, in real time, across all the sites in a study to enable proactive course correction where possible to proactively reduce attrition. Our analytics dashboard allows you to:
  • Get insights into participant satisfaction in realtime
  • Identify those who are at risk and take proactive steps to change their experience before they drop out
  • Review retention site-by-site and on a study basis for post-mortem analysis
  • Predict participants who are likely to have a negative experience compared to the larger group based on historic data

Modern Payments for Patients & Caregivers

Improve participants’ experience by upgrading how they are paid. Mural Link’s payment technology helps to:
  • Give participants choice in how they receive their funds (Venmo, Paypal, direct to account, push to debit, check, and regional options)
  • Eliminate fees to patients & caregivers (ATM and monthly inactivity fees) - we never charge a fee to a participant
  • Eliminate the need for physical card inventory, thus improving site operations, reducing risk, and providing flexibility in DCT and eCOA integrated deployment models

Stay Connected

Secure, two-way messaging keeps participants and site-staff connected and provides a centralized way to analyze interactions and participant satisfaction. Our messaging functionality also gives you a way to keep participants informed:
  • Improve communication between patient and site with secure 2-way in-app messaging
  • One-way notifications via SMS, Email, and push notifications via the Mural Link app to remind patients of their visits
  • Centralized patient communication in one place for future review
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Product Breakdown

What makes Mural Link stand out from the crowd?

Collect Patient Feedback

Mural Link’s innovative patient feedback product allows you to get unparalleled insight into participant satisfaction, while the study is running.

Start Your Study Faster

Mural Link doesn’t have to produce and distribute physical card inventory, so we can deploy our technology in 25% of the time it takes leading (card-based) solutions to launch.

Zero Participant Fees, Ever

Participants will never be charged a fee for using Mural Link. Debit card solutions charge ATM fees, replacement card fees, monthly inactivity fees, and even fees withdrawing a participant’s full balance.

Flexible Payment Solutions

Mural Link gives the participant the flexibility to choose how they are paid. Participants no longer have to be forced to use prepaid cards. Now participants can leverage a range of options, both digital and analog (Venmo, Paypal, direct to debit, direct to card or check).

Customer Support

Search our FAQ here:
What are my payment options?

You have a choice to be paid via Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, direct to debit card, check via mail, or direct to your bank account.

Are there any fees for using the mobile app?

Using the Mural Link app is 100% fee-free. ​By receiving your payments directly to your existing accounts (bank/credit/debit/digital) or by check, you will never have to pay ATM fees, idle fees, replacement card fees, monthly or balance removal fees. ​

No surprises. Like it should be.

How long does it take to implement Mural Link?

Mural Link has been designed to support a streamlined implementation within 2 weeks from kickoff. This is a >60% improvement from other technologies.

What are micro incentive payments?

Micro incentive payments are payments that you can set up following events (such as participants filling out ePRO) to encourage continued participation in the trial as well as provision of feedback. These can be set up to automatically trigger after a patient has completed a specific task.

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