Mural Health and ProofPilot Partner to Streamline Payments and Provide More Patient Choice

Mar 14, 2023

Berwyn,PA and New York, NY, USA, MARCH 14th 2023:Mural Health, a clinical trials technologycompany that improves the patient and caregiver experience in order to improveenrollment rates, participant retention, and increase protocol compliance and ProofPilot, the industry's first digitalprotocol automation platform for clinical trial, today announced a strategicpartnership to further advance clinical trial operations for life sciencecustomers. Through this partnership, Mural Health’s Mural Link™ platform and ProofPilot’s platform worktogether to progress clinical operations and materially improve the efficiency,and outcomes, of global clinical trials.

Rigorous participant compliance in research is driven bythe ability to responsibly incentivize successful and timely completion of specifictasks. A well-designed, modern payment model serves as a key lynchpin to roundout a comprehensive solution.

Adding to the growing list of partners brought intoProofPilot’s digital protocol automation platform, Mural Health providessponsors and sites another automated, turnkey capability, further reducing siteburden while providing more optionality for patients.

Mural Health’s CEO and Founder, Sam Whitaker has a provenrecord of revolutionizing payment models for clinical research participants:

“Throughour Mural Link Platform, we have again revolutionized participant payments to drivestrategic value to a study by genuinely making the participant’s experienceeasier through a wide range of payment options. The platform radicallyincreases the efficiency of in-person and remote patient and site experiencesin two ways: eliminating the requirement of distributing physical debit cardsand automating disbursement of payments linked to completed tasks. While ourmodel works exceptionally well for brick-and-mortar trials, it is also especiallyrelevant in a DCT context as well” said Sam, “We are excited to partner with ProofPilot,creating a complementary, next generation digital protocol automation ecosystemto deliver a wide variety of integrated functions to our mutual customers.”
“At ProofPilot, we have always seen a higher degree ofpatient compliance when payments can be automated and closely tied to a widevariety of tasks.  Most are unaware ofthe number of hidden activities needed for a patient to execute during a studyoutside of the explicit tasks,” said Chris Venezia, CEO of ProofPilot. “Throughthe strategic partnership of our digital protocol automation platform, alongwith Mural Health’s participant payment capabilities, we will make it easierfor our sites and patients to successfully conduct and participate in researchby increasing the efficiency to complete tasks, procedures, and now, patient payments.”

Whitaker added,

“I am thrilled to see our companiesworking together to deliver a market leading protocol automation platform.”

About Mural Health

Mural Health isa next-generation participant management platform.  The Company’s Mural Link technology platform isdesigned to make it easier to participate in clinical trials, thereby improvingstudy operation and the quality of clinical data sets. Mural Link offers next-generationparticipant payment technology that gives participants the power to choose howthey receive payment, eliminates predatory fees related to prepaid debit cards,introduces functionality to help patients arrive at site visits (withoutincurring a cash expense), empowers communication between participants and sitepersonnel, and captures participant data to predict individuals who are likelyto drop-out. The Mural Link platform can be easily deployed to positively improveparticipant retention and engagement, increase protocol compliance, and increaseenrollment rates. Please reach out to us to learn more about or capabilities, or

About ProofPilot

ProofPilot supportsclinical trials with the industry's first fully automated digital protocolplatform. The platform orchestrates stakeholder tasks and technology,optimizing clinical workflows, improving stakeholder experiences, andmaximizing data quality. ProofPilot eliminates guesswork and reduces protocoldeviations to create high-performance experiences for sites and patients. Tolearn more, visit

Media Contacts:

Mural Health Technologies, Inc.

Paul Diercksen

Executive Director, Business Development


ProofPilot, Inc.

Mari Longley

VP of Marketing

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