Mural Health Enters the Market to Disrupt Clinical Trial Participant Management Through the Launch of Mural Link Platform

Nov 14, 2022

Founders Respond to Participant Needs to Drive Trial Retention

BERWYN, Pa., Nov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Mural Health Technologies, Inc., a new global provider of clinical trials technology, today announced the launch of its new technology platform, Mural Link, which has been built to make it easy to be a participant in global clinical research studies. Among other planned participant-facing feature sets, Mural Link is excited to launch the industry's next-generation participant payment technology, designed by Sam Whitaker, the inventor of the industry's first participant payment technology product, the ClinCard. Mural Link's payments technology is complimented by three other initial features sets, namely transportation, two-way messaging and participant feedback, which will help participants overcome existing barriers to enrolling in and remaining in clinical trials.

In 2008, Sam Whitaker founded Greenphire and invented the first participant payment technology, the ClinCard. Over the last 15 years, technologies have evolved and the world has changed how it operates. Since the ClinCard's launch, there has been an undeniable shift to the digitization of all aspects of day-to-day life, including personal financial management, transportation, and communication. Individuals have also become increasingly empowered in their relationships with the parts of the healthcare ecosystem that they interact with in their daily lives. Unfortunately, although not surprising, clinical trial technology has not adapted to meet the needs of an evolving world and modern-day clinical research participants.

To address the existing disparity, Sam and the Mural Health team have built a platform that focuses all of its effort on improving the patient experience and assisting participant populations that struggle to engage with and remain in studies. Mural Link's next-generation participant payment technology is strategically leveraged by the platform in order to introduce and deliver other features that benefit of both patients and their caregivers. All of the features of the Mural Link platform are designed to improve site level operations and deliver greater strategic value to sponsors beyond those offered by point-solutions delivering payments via prepaid debit card. Mural Health's platform will also offer unique structures to benefit other eClinical technologies and CROs.

"This time, I am not thinking of the payment technology as the end-goal but rather as a strategic first step that will help Mural Health accomplish a much larger product vision and, consequently, have a more profound impact on the global patient population." said Sam. "We want to improve participants' experience in trials. We want to make it easy to be a part of a trial, so more diverse populations can enroll in and stay engaged after randomization. We have a big vision and our entire team is passionate about the journey that lies ahead."
"Payments are important, but Mural Link is built to do much more than just deliver payment to participants. The platform also helps participants get to their appointment (transportation) without incurring expense, helps participants communicate with site personnel (secure two-way in-app communications), and empowers the participant by giving them a voice, to provide feedback, which quantifies satisfaction across the participant's trial journey. Mural Link is the first product that will give the sponsor satisfaction and retention data in real time across all the sites in a study. The platform will empower the study to identify at-risk participants in order to proactively remediate issues and retain individuals who would otherwise drop out."

Mural Health will be debuting its platform at the CNS Summit in Boca Raton, FL on November 17-20, 2022.

Feel free to reach out to us at with any inquiries. Learn more about us at our newly launched website:

About Mural Health Technologies, Inc.

Mural Health believes that a clinical trial cannot run successfully if it doesn't take special care of its participants. Without the participants critical data collection would not be possible. The aggregation of diverse human experience, across the world, is the underlying source of the data sets that drive progress in global drug development. Mural Health's mission is to make participants' lives easier and help bring together diverse lives, globally, to benefit global populations through more efficient drug development.


Sophie Beattie

SOURCE Mural Health

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